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The Ice interface of the database now requires Ice encoding version 1.1 (available since Ice 3.5). Please be sure to update your configuration file and also use the latest Slice file (see FAQ page).


Starting today, downloading files from the KIT Whole-Body Human Motion Database using the webpage or the Ice interface requires an account. Registration is free and new accounts are active immediately.


Since the database now uses regular expressions instead of file extensions for file type detection, the labels of the file types returned by the Ice API have changed. Code that tests for predefined file types should be adapted.


All MMM motions in the database will be updated to the latest version of the MMM reference model (4 feet DoF) during the course of the next days. To work with this motions, please ensure that you are using the current version of the model, contained in MMMTools since 09.10.2015.


The KIT Whole-Body Human Motion Database has been presented at the International Conference on Advanced Robotics (ICAR) 2015. You can read the paper here.

Details: Subject #2177

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Created:Dec. 19, 2019, 1:05 p.m. by ueguer
Modified:Dec. 19, 2019, 1:06 p.m. by ueguer
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First Name:(hidden)
Last Name:(hidden)
C3D Prefix:(hidden)
Weight [kg] 110
Height [mm] 1880
Hand (wrist axis / 2nd knuckle middle finger) [mm]
Forearm (elbow axis / ulnar styloid) [mm]
Upper Arm (glenhumeral axis / elbow axis) [mm]
Forearm & Hand (elbow axis / 2nd knuckle middle finger) [mm]
Total Arm (glen humeral joint / ulnar styloid) [mm]
Foot (lateral malleolus / head 2nd metatarsal) [mm]
Shank (femoral condyles / medial malleolus) [mm]
Thigh (greater trochanter / femoral condyles) [mm]
Foot & Shank (femoral condyles / head 2nd metatarsal) [mm]
Total Leg (greater trochanter / medial malleolus) [mm]
Head & Neck (C7-T1 & first rip / ear canal) [mm]
Shoulder (sternoclaviar joint / glenhumeral axis) [mm]
Thorax (C7-T1 / T12-L1 & diaphragm) [mm]
Abdomen (T12-L1 / L4-L5) [mm]
Pelvis (L4-L5 / greater trochanter) [mm]
Thorax & Abdomen (C7-T1 / L4-L5) [mm]
Pelvis Width (between hip joints) [mm]
Trunk (greater trochanter / glen humeral joint) [mm]
Knee Width (femoral condyles width) [mm]
Ankle Width (malleolus) [mm]
Elbow Width (elbow joint width) [mm]
Wrist Width (ulnar styloid) [mm]
Hand Width (hand width at first knuckle) [mm]
Hand Length (wrist to middle finger / ring finger) [mm] 200
Shoulder Offset [mm]