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Basic Walking Basic walking experiements recorded at KIT Show
Thumbnail IMAGINE The scientific objective of IMAGINE is to enable robots to understand how their environment behaves and how to interact with it, resulting in substantial advances in autonomy, flexibility and robustness of interaction in the presence of unforeseen changes in the environment. 1 Image Show
INOPRO INOPRO aims to develop new, intelligent orthoses and prostheses for the lower and upper extremities (legs and hands) and the necessary human-machine-interfaces to improve the quality of life of the users. Scientifically, the projects focusses on five aspects: 1. Autonomous adaption to the user and the environment 2. Advanced sensory feedback to enhance safety and trust 3. Compensation of the loss of ability through active support 4. Easy and intuitive control 5. Modularity KIT leads the research that is concerned with new methods and technologies for realizing personalized hand prosthetics. New mechanisms for exploiting grasp synergies in underactuated hand prostheses will be investigated. With such hands, the majority of grasps needed in activities of daily living can be performed with a minimal number of actuators. Show
Thumbnail I-Support ICT-Supported Bath Robots: The I-SUPPORT project envisions the development and integration of an innovative, modular, ICT-supported service robotics system that supports and enhances frail older adults’ motion and force abilities and assists them in successfully, safely and independently completing the entire sequence of bathing tasks, such as properly washing their back, their upper parts, their lower limbs, their buttocks and groin, and to effectively use the towel for drying purposes. 1 Image Show
Thumbnail KoroiBot In the KoroiBot project, we will study the way humans walk e.g. on stairs and slopes, on soft and slippery ground or over beams and seesaws, and create mathematical models. 1 Image Show
Misc Miscellaneous recordings made at KIT (e.g. sport recordings) Show
Thumbnail SecondHands The goal of SecondHands is to design a robot that can offer help to a maintenance technician in a pro-active manner. We see this robot as a second pair of hands that can assist the technician when he/she is in need of help. 1 Image Show
Thumbnail TimeStorm TIMESTORM aims to develop a robot that is sensitive to the passage of time and hence better able to cooperate with human agents in natural tasks that require knowledge of, and sensitivity to, temporal factors. 1 Image Show
Thumbnail WALK-MAN The project has the goal to develop a robotic platform (of an anthropomorphic form) which can operate outside the laboratory space in unstructured environments and work spaces as a result of natural and man-made disasters. 1 Image Show
Thumbnail Xperience The Xperience Project addresses the problem of generative knowledge construction in robotics to rapidly create new concepts and react to unanticipated situations using experience. This problem is addressed by structural bootstrapping, an idea taken from language acquisition research: knowledge about grammar allows a child to infer the meaning of an unknown word from its grammatical role together with understood remainder of the sentence. 1 Image Show
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