| KIT Whole-Body Human Motion Database


Entry Counts (live data)

Motion Experiments Subjects (m/f) Objects
2615 224 (106/37) 151

File Types (live data)

Converted MMM Motion CSV File Image MMM Conversion Log Rosbag Vicon C3D File Video Video Anonymization Log Unknown
7088 5871 257 6410 1676 12193 11214 4251 1204

Database Size

Total File Size Avg File Size Total C3D Length Avg C3D Length Last Update
2.0 TB 42.8 MB 138323.06s (38.42h) 11.35s 6 hours, 7 minutes ago

Note: Some files stored in the KIT Whole-Body Human Motion Database might not be visible to everyone (e.g., un-anonymized videos that allow to identify subjects and some log files used for internal purposes).