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With the KIT Whole-Body Human Motion Database, we aim to provide a simple way of sharing high-quality motion capture recordings of human whole-body motion. The database is run by the High Performance Humanoid Technology (H²T) Lab.

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A Bimanual Manipulation Taxonomy

The data provided here are part of the KIT Bimanual Manipulation Dataset, but with additional annot…

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Kinematic Grasping Dataset

A study of kinematic grasp motions including finger joint angles and motion capture data recordings…

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Power Grasp Dataset

A study of human power grasp motions. The dataset includes finger joint angle recordings and data f…

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Static Grasping Dataset

A study of static grasping postures on five different grasp types. The dataset includes 16-dimensio…

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The Extended KIT Bimanual Manipulation Dataset

KIT Bimanual Manipulation Dataset and its extension; which adds recordings of 90 annotated sequence…

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The KIT Bimanual Manipulation Dataset

Abstract— Learning models of bimanual manipulation tasks from human demonstration requires capturin…

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